High Protein body Fuel

+ Protein unlike any other.

+ Whey protein isolate & natural egg whites.

+ 100% Bio-available for a whopping 5 hours maximum protein in your muscles for longer.

Choc Fudge and French Vanilla

The Power of Egg Whites

There really is not comparison between whole foods and supplements. LIFE PLUS shakes are made from farm fresh egg whites and deliver sustained protein release. Since we've excluded the yolk, LIFE PLUS contains absolutely no cholesterol.


The benefits don't end with muscle growth. Egg protein is chock-full of important vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to keep you at your best.

Life Plus

We aussies are an active bunch. Every weekend, over 3.8 million of us take ourselves to cricket pitches, footy fields and netball courts rain or shine. And we're all on the look-out for ways to play harder. To kick more goals. To get back into the game quicker.

That's why we created LIFE PLUS. It's well known protein supports muscles to grow faster and recover more quickly.

And the protein sourced from eggs is the best natural source available. Containing absolutely no cholesterol and low in fat, LIFE PLUS is also packed with calcium to keep bones string and healthy.